"Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime."

A New Way To Advertise

AdDank is an advertisement distribution platform that streamlines digital marketing for businesses by allowing individuals, not monopolies, to create public exposure online.

The Problem We Want To Solve

Big Tech has taken control of the internet and gained the power to control the exposure businesses receive online as a result. By allowing individuals and not monopolies to create exposure, AdDank decentralizes the internet and provides the means by which individuals can provide for themselves.

Get Started

Facilitating Connections

AdDank provides the platform to connect advertisers directly to individuals, where both parties can customize their advertising experience to successfully spread content with ease.

Customize Your Advertisement

Campaign Types

Competitive Payment

Influencers compete with one another to get the most exposure for your advertisement. At the end of your campaign, the top three influencers are paid according to the percentages you have set for each qualifying rank.


Specify the number of times you want your advertisement disseminated and the amount you will be paying for each. Once the required amount of disseminations has been met, influencers are paid for the number of disseminations they accumulated.

Advertisement Types


Upload your video advertisement and specify the amount of time viewers must watch to complete a dissemination.


Specify a URL for your advertisement and viewers will be redirected to your website, which will then count as a dissemination.

Video + Redirect

A combination of the video and redirect advertisements, where disseminations will only occur once a viewer watches the full length of the video and is redirected to your website.

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